Our Quality Policy

Buton Industrial Mold, since its establishment to present day, has taken its structuring and activities of operational processes to world standards an aims to provide its customers with the most suitable type of service as a principle. Decisions, measures and actions taken in this regard have led us to become a prominent figure in the sector, using cutting-edge technology, having the best H&R and a sustainable growth trend.

Kurumsal Buton Industrial Mold, adapting to change and innovation, has principles such as providing its customers with the advantages that cutting-edge technology offers and taking steps to maintain the flexible and dynamic structure that makes it possible. We also aim to plan our quality places in the correct way.

Our Priorities: The culture of high standards&efficiency

Buton Industrial Mold believes that the best way to manufacture the mold types and designs in the most accurate way needed by the sector is to have cutting-edge technology.

In this regard, every step in the design and the manufacturing of projects is supported with advanced accumulation of knowledge, experience, advanced engineering and technology. Our customer satisfaction is unmatchable, because we get the best results and therefore make our customers happy.

Our principle of change and innovation

Changes and innovations occurring in manufacturing styles, makes it compulsory for every company to adapt to them. Insistence on sticking to the traditional methods result in a decline in quality and an inability to come up with solutions needed.

Knowing this, Buton Industrial Mold adapts working principles, provides technology and human resource in a forward-looking manner. Thus, manages to be the best brand in the sector and enhances its ability to creative solutions to its customers’ problems and maintains its place on the top.

Buton Industrial Mold works actively to carry out the necessary analyses in order to offer the best, efficient solutions. Thus, we act faster to determine the ever-changing demands, and take necessary steps to realize those demands.

Widening its service and working to solve any kind of problems, Buton Industrial Mold continues its rise.