In plastic injection molding, we mostly shape parts that are made of plastic using the injection methods. Our company continues to follow the latest technology with our expertise that we have gained over many years.

Plastic injection molding, which has been advancing and becoming widespread in the recent years, is one of our most commonly used services.

Especially, our experience in automotive accessories and patterned molds, we have been manufacturing plastic molds and also offer mass production. We are one of the very few companies that is capable of manufacturing both molds and parts, offering mass production in our plastic manufacturing plants in two different locations.

Process of manufacturing a new product

Buton Industrial Mold carries out the design process meticuluously while making a new product. According to the customer’s needs, the desing process is completed with a sample or a mechanical drawing. When the design process is completed, a 3D prototype is produced and given to the customer for approval. Once the customer has approved the prototype, injection mold manufacturing of the product begins with utmost precision.

Once the meticuluous mold manufacturing process is completed, then comes the injection print process. After quality control and consign of the product, the product is delivered without any problem.

Buton Industrial Mold, carries out every step of the production of a new product with its expert staff using cutting-edge technology.