Social Responsibility

Buton Industrial Mold has a principle of contributing to the sustainable ecosystem with a human and nature centered management mentality. Therefore, it interiorizes an eco-friendly production model and cares about recycling and accepts this as one of its ethical values. In terms of the signifance attributed to HR, Buton spearheads social responsibility projects, gives support to educational institutions and provides the vocational high school students with internship oppurtunities.

We Value Education

Buton Industrial Mold acts with a sense of responsibility in the society in which it exists, and uses the majority of the financial resources allocated to social responsibility projects in education. Having realized more than one social responsibility project; we have contributed to the building of modern classrooms that have cutting-edge technology, provided the schools with tools and equipments they need, and have made reading corners and Atatürk corners.

Sosyal Sorumluluk Projelerimiz Sosyal Sorumluluk Projelerimiz Sosyal Sorumluluk Projelerimiz

We Value People Feeling Responsible to the Society

Buton Industrial Mold, together with its employees, aim to design social responsibility projects and ensures participation to have people who are giving back to the society. Our principles include educational equalization, improving the society on a social level with the help of projects in which we collaborate with CSOs.

Buton Industrial Molding acts with a sense of responsibility to the society in which it exists, and accepts spearheading social responsibility projects and doing projects that contribute to the society and ensuring the participation of its employees as a principle.