Kurumsal Buton Industrial Mold Inc. started its operations in 2012, and in a short period of time, secured its place as one of the prominent companies in the sector.
Buton Industrial Molding, adapting itself to the requirements of our time and having a sustainable growth trend thanks to investments, has become a pioneer in the sector by providing its large customer base with solutions and efficient and principled service.

The professional operational processes are meticuluosly planned and carried out from design phase to production and delivery phase; ensuring both quality and efficiency and attaining high customer satisfaction.

Cutting-edge technology, design and efficiency.

Buton Industrial Mold, since its establishment to present day, has built molding production and design on solid basis, providing the quality and efficiency the sector needs. In this regard, placing emphasis on cutting-edge technology products, suitable software programs, suitable engineering techniques and investment in HR; Buton has delivered on its promise, showing that it is a timeless brand. The fact that we have word class design and production is owing to the fact that we value cutting-edge technology, structring suitable to the needs of our time, and investment in HR.

Kurumsal Buton Industrial Mold, maintains its mentality putting emphasis on innovation in operational processes in order to ensure an efficient service model and profile.

Efficiency, one of the biggest shortcomings in the manufacturing sector, is not a problem for Buton, thanks to its investments and sector needs analysis and the realization of the necessary measures to overcome the deficiencies.

Buton Industrial Mold has been producing first quality molds, products that the automotive industry and other industries need through a production line that has high quality standards.

We’re carrying on the path of corporate service!

Buton Industrial Mold aims to maintain its high standard service model and to widen its customer base while preserving its current market and venturing into new markets. In this regard, having completed our process of institutionalization, we have interiorized the values that our sector needs and made them part of our corporate identity.